Introduction to XHTML/CSS training course

This day-long course will provide everything you need to know to start building simple XHTML/CSS sites. You will learn the benefits of web standards and why XHTML and CSS are becoming the language of choice for most modern web applications. You’ll discover the importance of structured mark-up and learn the syntax and rules behind CSS2.1.

This training course is taught by Clearleft Creative Director, Andy Budd. Andy is the author of the best selling book CSS Mastery, and one of the worlds leading experts in XHTML and CSS. By the end of this course you’ll gain typographic control over your text, learn to use background images for graphical effect, understand the intricacies of the CSS box model and positioning model, and be able to create simple two and three column layouts.

This course is a perfect introduction for people new to the field of web development, or transitioning from the old, table based approach. The course is ideal for 4-8 people and prices start from £1600+VAT. Sessions can either be run on site at your offices, or at our state-of-the-art training centre in Brighton.

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Introduction to CSS

  1. What is CSS?
  2. The benefits of CSS
  3. CSS Specifications
  4. Validation
  5. CSS Tools and the development environment

CSS Basics

  1. Meaningful markup
  2. How a CSS rule is structured
  3. Selectors, properties and values
  4. Adding styles to your page


  1. Type and descendant selectors
  2. ID and Class selectors
  3. Pseudo-classes
  4. The Cascade and specificity
  5. Inheritance

Font and Text Properties

  1. Font color
  2. Font properties and shorthand
  3. Line-height
  4. Text decoration and capitalization
  5. Letter spacing, word spacing and alignment
  6. Intelligent font sizing

Background Images and Lists

  1. The background property
  2. Background positioning
  3. List style property
  4. List indentation

The CSS Box Model

  1. The box model
  2. Padding, and margin
  3. Width and height
  4. IE’s proprietary box model and the box model hack
  5. The border property

The CSS Visual Formatting Model

  1. Basic definitions
  2. Block vs Inline
  3. The display property
  4. Relative positioning
  5. Absolute positioning
  6. Floating and clearing

CSS Layout

  1. Centering a design
  2. Simple 2-column layout
  3. Floated 3-column layout

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If this course doesn’t quite fit your needs, we are happy to combine elements of several courses of create a bespoke solution tailored to the exact needs of your team. To book one of our courses or discuss the training requirements of your team, please get in touch.

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