Brighton Ajax workshop

Through a series of lectures and practical examples you will learn the power of the XMLHttpRequest object and how it can be used to add advanced interactivity to your website. Using the “Hijax” concept, you will learn how to create highly flexible applications using the principle of progressive enhancement.


Jeremy Keith is the author of Bulletproof Ajax. A leading expert on the design challenges posed by Ajax, Jeremy is a much sought-after international speaker.


The Brighton Ajax workshop will take place on Friday, March 2nd, 2007 from 9:30am until 5:00pm.


28 Kensington Street is in the heart of Brighton's trendy North Laine, within easy walking distance from the train station. View a map

How much?

The workshop costs £395 per person.

Places are limited to just 18 people to keep the workshop nice and intimate.

Introducing the XMLHttpRequest Object

  1. What is XMLHttpRequest?
  2. Creating an instance
  3. Preparing your transmission
  4. Handling the response
  5. What you get back

Data Formats

  1. Working with XML and the DOM
  2. Working with HTML snippets and innerHTML
  3. Introduction to JSON
  4. Choosing the right data format

Ajax and Progressive Enhancement

  1. Introducing Hijax
  2. Unobtrusive JavaScript
  3. Planning your application
  4. Using Hijax to ensure graceful degradation

Design Challenges

  1. Providing a non-JavaScript fallback
  2. Providing visual feedback
  3. Life without the back button

Ajax and accessibility

  1. How screen readers work
  2. Reading generated content

Libraries and Frameworks

  1. The most popular libraries and frameworks
  2. The benefits and problems associated with libraries and frameworks

Examples used:

  1. Ajax contact form
  2. Ajax table sorting
  3. Ajax shopping cart