Accessibility consultancy

Accessibility runs through the heart of everything we do at Clearleft and we can get it running through your organisation too.

Accessibility is all about making sure websites work for as wide an audience as possible. This includes those potential customers with disabilities, such as visual impairment, and those using the web with unconventional devices such as PDAs. There are ethical, legal and business motivations for ensuring your site is accessible.

The team at Clearleft is comprised of world-renowned experts in accessibility. We lead industry groups, write books and publish white papers on the subject. We live and breathe accessibility. Hire us and we will put that knowledge and passion into your web site.

Accessibility audits

We can audit your website to determine its current state of accessibility. We review sites from a practical perspective in conjunction with recognised guidelines such as WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines). Our reports always contain solid, readily implementable recommendations for any accessibility issues you may have. We are also happy to get our hands dirty and fix those problems for you.

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Accessibility training

We can train your team to create accessible websites. In-house training is often called upon following an accessibility audit and we tailor the sessions accordingly.

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Accessibility development

Everything we build is accessible to as wide an audience as possible (usually to WCAG Level Double-A) and satisfies laws such as the DDA. Read more about our development services.

Other services

Read about our web design & usability and training services.