User Experience Design

For a truly successful website, the content, structure and navigation need to be planned to the last detail. At Clearleft, our user experience designers will plan your web application to ensure it provides the best experience possible.

What is User Experience Design?

In the same way that traditional architects create blueprints for a building before it is built, and directors storyboard a movie before it is filmed, a successful website needs to be planned. This is what our user experience designers do.

Our user experience designers will sit down with you and your users to learn as much about the project and its goals as possible. They will then start planning the content, structure and navigation using a variety of techniques. The result of this process will include things like a site map, a set of representative personas and a wireframe prototype of the site.

The Benefits of User Experience Design

The wireframe prototype is like a movie storyboard in the sense that it allows you to see and feel how the site will function before the design and programming has begun. This prototype can be tested on real users and changes can be made simply and easily at very little cost. Without testing on a prototype first, any changes required would need to be made to the actual site, and this can be a costly and time consuming process.

By planning the site in this way, nothing is left to chance. You will know exactly what your users will be getting by experiencing it yourself. This level of planning helps ensure that the site is easy to use and matches your users’ goals with the goals of your organisation. In short, a good user experience is the sign of a good website.

With the site structure and functionality planned out, you can then move onto the interface design.

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