While anyone can make simple things complicated, it takes a lot of skill to make the complex appear simple. Luckily that’s what Clearleft specialises in.

Creative Problem Solving

Good design is more than just making things look pretty, it’s about creative problem solving. Clients come to us with complicated business problems and we make sense of them on the web. Our design services can be broken down into two core disciplines:

Our user-centred philosophy means that all of our design solutions are intuitive and easy to understand. Simple does not have to mean simplistic.

What Next?

We’ve worked on projects ranging from small brochure sites to large scale web applications. The chances are you’ll want something in between, but our philosophy is always the same: we listen to your business and customer needs. And if you’re unsure how to embark on a web project, we’ll guide you through the whole process.

To give you an idea of budget, a simple brochure site would normally take 6–8 weeks and would start at £15–20k. A large content driven site or web application could take several months and cost upwards of £50k. We also provide a design and XHTML/CSS template creation service starting from £6k.

If you would like to use Clearleft on your next project, send us a copy of your design brief or fill in our handy client worksheet and we’ll get back to you within a week.

Other services

Learn more about user experience design and interface design or read about our consultancy and training services.