Usability and accessibility run through the heart of everything we do at Clearleft and we can get it running through your organisation too.

Usability Consultancy

Is an area of your site not working as well as it could? Are site visitors finding it difficult to locate information or complete certain processes on your site? Then we can help.

Usability is all about making your site as simple and easy to use as possible. If your site is easy to use visitors will have a positive experience on your site, and will thank you for it. Conversely, if your site is difficult to use, visitors will find your site frustrating and will associate these feelings with your company or product.

Our team of usability experts can review your site and provide detailed analysis of main usability stumbling blocks, and practical recommendations for improvement. We can arrange to have real users test your site, in order to provide quantifiable results and ensure the best experience possible.

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Accessibility Consultancy

Accessibility is all about making sure websites work for as wide an audience as possible. This includes those potential customers with disabilities, such as visual impairment, and those using the web with unconventional devices such as PDAs. There are ethical, legal and business motivations for ensuring your site is accessible.

We can audit your website to determine its current state of accessibility. We review sites from a practical perspective in conjunction with recognised guidelines such as WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines). Our reports always contain solid, readily implementable recommendations for any accessibility issues you may have. We are also happy to get our hands dirty and fix those problems for you.

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Usability and accessibility reviews usually take 1–4 weeks to complete and typically cost from £1,600.

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Other services

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