Jeremy Keith

Jeremy Keith wearing a dark suit jacket and tie. Jeremy Keith is one of the industry's most respected experts in the field of Javascipt and Ajax interactivity. A regular speaker at major design conferences, Jeremy's recent apperances include Web Directions in Sydney, and our very own d.Construct conference in Brighton, England.

Jeremy is author of the best selling book, DOM Scripting: Web Design with JavaScript and the Document Object Model and is currently working on an exciting new title to be launched in the Spring.

Jeremy is a member of the Web Standards Project where he was recently elected to serve as joint leader of the DOM Scripting Task Force. The DOM Scripting Task Force was created to evangelise the adoption of unobtrusive JavaScript; a way of thinking based on modern, standards-compliant, accessible web development best practices.

A more personal side of Jeremy can be found at Adactio, a popular weblog where he writes about web design and web standards issues. When he's not building websites, Jeremy plays bouzouki in the band Salter Cane. He is also the creator and curator of one of the Web's largest online communities dedicated to Irish traditional music, The Session.

Jeremy is the technical lead at Clearleft and runs our JavaScript and Ajax training workshops. If you would like to use Jeremy's expertise on your project or have him speak at your next event or training session, please .

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